Glass Window Replacements

Windows we all use them, we don’t pay them much attention, until it's time to let in some air, block out noise, or just for privacy.

We have different kinds of windows, wooden windows, metal, made with vinyl or aluminum, but the most common window is glass. Very durable Glass windows can also be very fragile.

And when your window breaks, do you call except a functional window replacement service like Pickering Windows, Pickering, ON. we have one motto; we can fix it.

Most window services don't know when to repair a window and when a window is beyond redeeming and needs a replacement.

Need a broken glass window replacement in Pickering? Call us today at +(289) 275-7877 and watch us transform and secure your windows.

About Us

Pickering Windows

Pickering Windows, Pickering, ON. is a window service that specializes in repairs, replacements, and solving of other window-related issues? Our sole goal is customer satisfaction, we strive for excellence in the quality of our services, you’ve never seen a company like us in terms of quality. We are diligent and cooperative with the customer to get the best experience and also the best results. We are reliable and accountable to our customers, we don’t disappoint.


Still, doubting our legitimacy? Our legal certificates and licenses will be proof enough, we are not a shady business, we are well trained and equipped to service your windows, with our teams of experienced and competent handymen and dispatch riders, your windows are in safe hands. We prioritize your privacy and your safety, especially during emergencies and our speedy services come to the rescue all the time.

We shouldn’t tell you all these though, you should try out our services and see for yourself that we aren't joking. , leave your email and let us contact you today.

Our Services

1. Window screening: the heater is on, or the air conditioning, most times we close our windows, but some days we have to let fresh air in, in cases like these, we fix window screens on windows. We install screen mesh, frames, window stills to keep the beautiful breezy days in the house.

2. Window insulating: We all love keeping energy in, if you’re tired of drafty, leaky windows, better call on us now, we glaze and reapply to caulk the windows, we even help you get an already glazed glass window and install it to fitting since there are now many varieties of thermal windows. We treat failed units all the time and we can recommend the new Insulated glass unit.

3. Diagnosis: We come, inspect and examine the issue, whatever the problem is, we give feedback on what we think is the matter with the glass if it's foggy glass windows, leaky glass windows, or maybe the window wouldn’t shut, we can offer a solution to it.

4. Our monetary services: We give out quotes to our customers, containing the services, materials to be used and the price of these services, we also give out guarantees, for every service for a customer, and it’s free.

5. Consultation: Our expert workers and representatives, trained in understanding how to develop your ideas for your window and how to help you make the right choice in choosing the right window.

Why Choose Us?

Our reputation precedes us, our excellent reviews are known worldwide, we would like you to see for yourself:

Excellent Service

We are one of the best window services in Pickering, Ontario. We are known for excellence and have been recommended to many famous clients who have had excellent reviews.


In our 6 years of service, we have won numerous emergency response services awards,


You might think how unnecessary and unimportant our job is, but in places like schools and gathering halls, glass can be very dangerous

Budget Friendly

We are very affordable and budget inclusion goes well with our quotation program.

Quality Materials

Window replacements can be very costly, but when they are done by the right people who know how to manage your funds and maximize them for the best quality your money can offer.


Window replacements can be very costly, but when they are done by the right people who know how to manage your funds and maximize them for the best quality your money can offer.

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