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Thinking about trying a new windows innovation? Think vinyl windows. Get free windows consultation from Pickering windows and glass guy, Pickering. We offer vinyl windows installation of all types and sizes. Call us today!

Vinyl windows services are a new innovation in windows services. A lot of our windows clients appreciate its design and strength, and we thought to let you know about it. vinyl windows services are window services that accompany the installation of vinyl windows. Vinyl windows can be installed in your homes, offices, schools, business centers, and shopping malls.

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About Us.

Here at Pickering windows and glass guy, Pickering, Ontario. we offer windows services such as vinyl windows repairs, installation, and replacement. We are into sales in all types of windows glass and accessories such as tempered windows glass, acrylic glass, tinted glass, window locks, hinges, and cranks, etc. We pride on customer satisfaction and quality customer service. At Pickering windows and glass guy, you will find us very attentive and considerate to your pocket as well as your window needs. No recommendation is too high up to reach but is open to all our clients be it regular or luxury with systematic installment plans that can be put in place. As foremost in the business, we offer information for all types of windows consumed needs, as our client you are entitled to free consultation and assessment for all hour window needs. Call us and get satisfied, because whatever your situation your satisfaction is a top priority. Call us today. ( company reference ).

Our Services.

We offer vinyl windows services such as vinyl windows installation, repair of window frames and hinges, replacement of window glass to;
Residential areas such as homes, charity centers, shelters, orphanages, etc.
Non-residential areas I.e offices, complex's, schools, businesses, restaurants, etc.

Why choose us at Pickering windows?

Innovative Windows

Our fastidious and innovative windows business has provided vinyl windows services to more than half the office buildings situated in Pickering, Ontario.


We are a registered business, with experience in the windows business for over the past four years. With our wealth in consumer experiences we offer you flawless vinyl windows services.

Educated Staffs

We employ well educated staff at all levels of operation that are well-trained in customer relations, so you as a client wouldn't have a problem dealing with them.


Our windows business prides itself on maximum customer satisfaction and efficiency. And so we have records of impeccable customer services.


We offer a legally backed warranty to protect our windows clients from all indemnified that may violate the quality of our brand.

Emergency Services

We render emergency windows services and same-day repairs. Just call us and we will get down to you at a minimal service charge.


We offer a free assessments for your vinyl windows requirement. All our recommendations are contained in a quotation which we will tender upon reaching an agreement.


You must know our vinyl windows services are low cost and budget-friendly. All our recommendations will be suggested with respect to the size of your pocket.


Our vinyl windows are light and durable, and we trust they will add to both the interior and exterior designs of your house this increasing its property value.


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