Window Caulking and Sealing

Does your window need caulking and sealing?

Is your building around Pickering ON?

If the replies to this are yes then read on. Your window caulking is of great importance to your window. This is because it allows it to be airtight thereby preventing the escape of water and other things into the home. It also reduces what you spend on the utility bill because it reduces the rate at which external temperature affects the internal temperature of your building.

Can you see the need for your window caulking?

We provide a window caulking and sealing service and help you save costs by doing so. All you have to do is contact us and we would help you out.

About Us

Caulking & Sealing

At Pickering Window and glass guy
We offer different services on issues that affect both windows and glass.
We are an organization focused on rendering services rather than selling goods. We employ labor who are workers in the company. This may include the engineers, the customer care official, and so on.
We focus on adequately caring for any of our client's needs which pertains to windows or glass.
We are time conscious in performing our services. We handle our jobs well adding quality to everything we do.

Our Services

We offer various services which are focused on window or glass needs. These services may be in the form of window caulking and sealing, broken glass replacement, and so on. Our repair services are focused on restoring the windows to their former state and if that is not possible to a state that is close to their former state.

Our window caulking and sealing services are below

1. We inspect the window in need of caulking. We take note of its location in the building as this is important to caulking. We discuss what we noticed with the client and what should be done.

2. We draft a quotation which would hold the total cost of caulking for the clients. The cost would be affected by the number of windows in need of caulking. The quotation holds both the cost of materials used in drafting quotation and Our company service charge. The quotation is presented to the client who would decide if he is willing to accept it or not.

3. We begin work once the client signifies his acceptance. If we are handling an old window that had previously been called but has a broken seal, we would scrape off the old caulk first before applying the new one. Another thing we would check is the location of the window to be caulked. The type of caulk used for windows outside the house has to be very strong unlike that used for the inside of the house. The only exception to this is the window in the kitchen, the caulk used for the window in the kitchen has to be strong due to the heat emanating from the kitchen.

4.The client's opinion may also be noted in choosing the caulk to be used. This may be in terms of using environment-friendly caulk over other types. Our workers apply the caulk and clean their work environment once they are done. They are careful to avoid damage to parts of the window and other properties of the client.

4.We provide our clients with a warranty on all services we perform including the window caulking and sealing. The warranty extends for a given period during which clients may make complaints on the various areas of our services if they are not satisfied. The area of complaints could be in terms of the quality of service or the time of delivery. The warranty does not cover damage caused by external forces.

Why Choose Us?

We have various features which should convince you to choose us over the other companies providing the same service. Some of them are listed below.

We provide a great service and pay our clients proper attention.

We avoid causing our client unnecessary delay.

We make use of the best caulk for our client's windows.

The effect of our service is durable.

We deliver promptly.

Contact Pickering Window and glass guy today to give your windows the attention they need! You've got window issues? Let's fix it for you!

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