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Window Caulking and Sealing, Pickering Window and glass guy

Pickering Windows & Glass Guy provides window aluminum capping services around Pickering.

How do you know you need this service?

If your wood window frame is already looking old and you want to add a new look to your home.

If it is being affected by water and it looks like it would collapse if not attended to.

If you are truly interested in protecting your wood window frame.

Window aluminum capping protects your wood frame from water, beautifies your building, is durable, and prevents any entrance of water into the building through the window.

Why not opt for this capping rather than purchasing a new window frame at a higher price. You can do this by contacting us.

About Us

Pickering Windows

Pickering Windows & Glass Guy is your go-to company for any issues on window and glass. We provide our services at locations within our state of residence. We are based in Canada.
We work on-site at the location of the client's building.
We are professional and maintain a good relationship with our clients.
We work on various issues on glass or window including window aluminum capping.

Our Services

Pickering Windows & Glass Guy offers a lot of services that relate to glass or windows. Whether you are in need of repairs or you want your new windows installed we provide it. These services can be easily accessed by reaching out to the company. One of those services is window aluminum capping.

The following services are for our window aluminum capping:

Inspection of the window frame. We carry out a physical inspection of the window frame. We check to see if it has been damaged in any way. We take measurements of the window frame. based on this inspection we discuss with the client and make recommendations to him or her. If the frames have been irreparably damaged then we will advise a total window frame replacement. However, if it still is a good condition then we may go ahead with the capping.

We draft a quotation for the client. The quotation holds the total cost for the window aluminum capping. It includes the price of materials used and the company service charge. This is given to the client who decides if he/she can go ahead with the capping.

Once the clients give confirmation then we kick off work. Our workers are assigned to the building and begin the work of fixing the aluminum capping on the window frames. When they finish this they clean the environment where they worked. They are careful not to damage the client's property.

Our clients have a warranty of overall services rendered by our company. The window aluminum capping service offered also has a warranty on it. Any complaints brought within the stipulated time limit would be attended to. Complaints may be on the time of delivery or the quality of service we delivered. However, any caused to the newly installed window frame by external forces do not fall under the warranty.

Why Choose us? .

There are many reasons why we should be your choice. You may have noted different companies providing the same service we are however though we perform the same service there are always differences. Some of these distinctions include:

Quality Aluminium

We make use of quality aluminum in our window aluminum capping.

Affordable Charges

We give the client choices on what to do about their windows based on their budget.

Neat Work

We produce a neat work that adds beauty to your wi down the frame.


The window aluminum capping provided by us is durable.


We have various well-trained workers assigned to work on your windows.

Damage Control

While working on your window aluminum capping we avoid causing damage to any part of your window.


We make use of good equipment which makes our work easier.


We work based on client's decisions although we make suggestions to them.


We also appreciate their feedback on the services we performed.

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