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Your window cranks have serious issues, you do not know what to do about it and you are around Pickering, ON.
You have tried working on it yourself, as adjusted everything adjustable all to no avail, maybe you even tried all the DIY videos on YouTube and you got even more confused.

We've got something for you.
You may not have tried any of the things discussed above.
You may just be too busy to think of repairing your window cranks right now.
Let's think for you!

Pickering window and glass guy exist to solve all your window issues even window crank repairs. We are here to serve you, you do not have to attempt fixing it on your own! We've got a service that will handle it for you. All you need to do is contact us.
You don't have to come to our office physically, all you need to do is place a phone call or send an email. Simple, right? We made it so just for you!

About Us

Pickering Windows

What exactly is the Pickering window and glass guy about? Pickering window and glass guy is a company focused on services rather than goods. Our services revolve around the various needs of your window and glass. Whether your building is new or old, we are here for you.

Where are we located?

We are located in Pickering, ON. We handle services around our location. Our company is focused on handling your window and glass issues and giving you a great experience while we handle your issues.

Our Services

Good Maintain

At Pickering window and glass guy, we provide various services affecting all your window or glass needs. Be it window cranks repair, window hinges repair, window glass replacements, and sometimes not even repairs but the installation of new windows or glass.

Some of our services on window cranks repair specifically include:

1. Full Window inspection: We assign a member of our workforce to inspect your window. The inspection involves checking out every part of the window including the hinges to know if it is in good condition. We then examine the hinges particularly and check for signs of damage. These signs include when the handle spins when turned or when the handle slips. If the window crank shows these signs then we conclude it is faulty. At this conclusion, we give suggestions to the client on the proper solution for the window crank which may be repairs or replacement.

2. We provide quality workmanship, most days when people complain of faulty services. It's usually because the tools and products were not used, say goodbye to substandard window materials and tools, we are highly technologically equipped to handle all your issues and give you quality satisfaction.

3. We understand everybody wants to make a profit off of everything, and that is why we give our customers quotations, at the first appointment, we are here for solving any issue our customer has, and we are willing to size the cost.

4. We also offer emergency services, Windows are made of brittle materials, a broken window can prove a hazard zone and a dangerous place to people and properties. Our rapid response teams are available at any time of the day.

Why Choose Us?

Why should Pickering window, and glass guy be your choice when you need window cranks repaiSeveraleral companies and individuals are offering this service and you may have come across a lot. To persuade you to choose us some of our features are mentioned below:

1. At Pickering window, and glass guy we have a client-first policy. We put our clients' firsts while handling their services.

2. We provide some of our services at no cost at all. These are the inspection of the faulty part of the window and the full window inspection

3. Our workers know what they are doing adding a professional touch to your window crank repair.

4. The materials we use are of a good standard. We also ensure the effects of our services are durable, this means you do not need to worry about your newly repaired window crank.

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