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Window Glass repairs in Pickering

Remember this old saying? “if it isn’t broken then don’t fix it” Well they aren’t talking about your window. You need help with that, No don’t ask some guy at your workplace for help!

We aren’t talking about a glue stick problem solved issue, this is a window and that is our specialty. Haven’t heard of us? Well, you should, because here at Pickering Windows, Pickering, ON. we have all the answers to your problems. All your window problems of course.

We can help you, below are a list of our services and why exactly do your windows need us.

About Us

Pickering Windows

You must be wondering what all the fuss is about, it’s just a window repair service, but here at Pickering Windows, we aren’t just any kind of Window service. We are a fast-rising window repair shop with branches all over Ontario, Canada. We offer services ranging from car window repairs to home, office, and school window repairs. We are dedicated to giving our customers the best services in terms of quality and quantity. We are diligent with our work, leaving no stone unturned and you with a perfectly refurbished and repaired window.

With our registered licenses and legal accreditation, you need no fear for your money or our legitimacy. We are well known for our accountability and transparency of the process, keeping you up to speed with every step and purchase that is taken to getting you your perfect window. Let us not leave out our professionalism, our handymen are trained experts who are determined to speedily and properly get the job done.

Want to know something else? we are very accessible, as we have branches in almost every city in Ontario, we can also be easily contacted, our call centers are open 24/7, and we are always available and ready for your call, so what are you waiting for? Call!

Our Services

Window Repairs

We offer services from window repairs to installments, Vinyl window replacements, sealing and mending, window caulking, aluminum taping, and so on.


We give out warranties for every service that we offer, so in the occurrence of a mishap, every replacement or corrective service is free.

Windows Replacement

We customize window replacements, Glass can be engraved upon, it can be tinted, we can help advise certain types of window designs.

Customer Care-Service

We offer 24/7 customer care service, now it doesn’t matter if it's late or too early, your emergency can be fixed in a jiffy with one quick call.


We help figure out what you want, with consultation from our experts, we help you choose what is best for your window.


We give out quotations to our customers, we very easily work with any price our customer is comfortable with.


We introduced a new system of Eco-friendliness, only using materials and tools that are reusable and non-toxic to the environment.


We help to fix and set in place seals, locks and latches, to further protect the privacy and safety of the glass and also the safety of the people.

Damage Accessment

We offer to check for damages like mould or mildew, that can seriously affect living conditions, if you are Pickering, this service is free.

Why Choose Us?


We are easily accessible, with branches all over the country, both our auto repairs and home repairs, we could be just a drive away and easy accessibility is very important.


We are super-efficient, where else would you get a repair service that inspects, examine, give a diagnosis, install the fitting, and also offer after-sale services.


Our services save money, and we know it: if you are looking for a window service that will give you quality service without draining your wallets full out, we are the ones for you.


We offer free guarantees, warranty, and quotations, as customers, you won’t have to pay extra fees for our bonus services, unlike other window repair services.


Windows, you got to love them, even when they are damaged. But you don’t have to keep them damaged, new windows are waiting to be installed into your home or office. We advise that damaged windows should not be left damaged too long to prevent the further hazard. We at Pickering Windows Pickering, ON. We are proud to have you as our customer, more than willing to take up your issues and leave them good as new or brand new.

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