Window Hinges repair

Do you have window Hinges that need repairing around Pickering ON? Is it very difficult to open your windows?

Do you have to struggle to have it opened?

Maybe it is even stubbornly shut and you have not been able to open it. Why deny yourself of fresh air? Why expense so much energy just to open a window?

The issue with your window is probably with the hinges. It may require repair or replacement depending on the extent of damage to it. Let the professionals Pickering window, and glass guy repair it for you. All you need to do is contact us through a phone call or an email. We would attend to your window within a very short time.

About Us.

Pickering window and glass guy is a company that deals with the various issues of windows and glass. We handle faulty windows and glass and install new windows and glass. We are located at Pickering, ON, and can easily be reached there. Our services extend over those situated at Pickering, ON. We have a group of employees which includes the engineers and various others. Our employees are well trained and attend to the needs of your window and glass in a short time. Our policy towards our clients is to maintain a good relationship with them and treat them with esteem.

Our Services

We provide the service of both repairs and replacements when dealing with faulty window parts and the installing of new windows. Some of the repairs we do are Window hinges repair, window cranks repair, window caulking and sealing, and so on.

The services we provide under window hinges repair include:

Window Inspection

We send a member of our company to examine what is wrong with your window. This requires an inspection of every part of the window. After this, we would check on the window hinges to note if it is faulty or if it is broken.


If it is broken a repair would not be advised but a replacement. Based on our findings we would make recommendations to our client on what to do on their faulty window hinges.


Whatever the client decides would affect the quotation we would draw. The quotation would contain both the cost of materials used and our service charge.


The quotation is drawn and presented to the client so he/she may know the estimated price for the service to be performed. Here, the client's power of choice is maintained as he/she may decide to proceed or not.


If the client chose to proceed, our employees are then assigned to the client's location. They start work immediately. Our workers make use of the type of window hinges best suitable for the location of your window if it is the case of a replacement but if it is a repair they make use of the best material available.


We provide a warranty for our clients through which they may make complaints concerning any service we perform for them. The complaints may be about the time of delivery or the quality of the service delivered. The warranty is for some time, therefore, such complaints should be made as soon as possible.

Why Should You Choose Us?

These questions may have gone through your head several times especially if you have noticed other companies providing the same service. The following are some of the reasons why we should be your choice:

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