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Window Replacement in Pickering

Yup, it's broken alright, that’s way past repairing! Stop repairing your already worn-out window and listen to some real advice.

Broken windows should be replaced as quickly as possible, you do not want it to endanger anyone, especially if it's in your homes, why not another repair you say, because with age windows lose their durability, but other window repair services won’t tell you that. But we will.

A place in Pickering, Ontario? That replaces windows, at good prices and good quality? Why didn’t you say so, because at Pickering Windows, Pickering, ON? we have all that and even more.

We will help you understand how we can help you and what you gain from our services. So, click on our website and book an appointment today.

About Us

Pickering Windows

Very simply we fix and replace windows and materials relating to windows, frames, hinges, etc. We keep all our employees under one code, the customer’s safety, and satisfaction is key, we are very professional about our business, our workers are skillfully trained to provide proper services.

We keep all our customer details private and are accountable to just them. Our services are well sought after because of the high quality of our work, we try to procure solutions while being very cost-effective, yes, we are accessible and also affordable.

We are also very experienced, seeing different window issues and having the expertise on how to solve them, we are very resourceful, leaving us in the best position to give consultation on issues and so we have experts round the clock on lines giving out quotations and advice on what will suit each customer best. We also take our customer/ employee relationship seriously, we want you to experience comfort and satisfaction while we solve your window issues.

Our Services

Customer's Satisfaction

Pickering Windows, Pickering, ON. continues to find ways to further satisfy its customers, we have a website set up, which allows customers to review the services of handymen and also to comment on how the service can improve.

Auto glass replacement

We install and upgrade windscreens and other windows in vehicles, we upgrade the windows to better maintain energy and keep UV rays, pests, and liquids out. Our car repair branches are accessible everywhere.

Home installation services

We dispatch handymen to customer’s living or working areas, to fix windows, we can also childproof these windows as they can be dangerous to small children and infants, we add window sills, guards, and locks to prevent any danger from occurring.

Extra Services

In addition to glass window installation we also help fix other window issues that the customer has and needs repairing, with little or no cost included you can get your window sealed and airtight, or you can get your crack mended.


We help figure out what you want, with consultation from our experts, we help you choose what is best for your window.We also know that it is not every window that needs replacements, we can examine and determine it for you.


We provide a warranty for our clients through which they may make complaints concerning any service we perform for them. The complaints may be about the time of delivery or the quality of the service delivered.

Why Choose Us?


Here in Pickering windows, our priority is your safety, most people get windows to feel safer and more comfortable, when a window is damaged it reduces that comfort. But with us faster and easier, you can relax wherever you are with your privacy intact.


We help boost your home appeal, yes, we all want aesthetic houses and compliments about it, replacing your windows, with choices of varieties of different shapes, sizes, colors will add to its beauty and also would increase its value, whenever you plan on mortgaging it.


You get advice and opinions from expert personnel on how to take care of your window and the best window replacement for you and your house/car/office, also we work with your budget, you heard right, we are budget-friendly.


Window installations, unlike repairs, are much easier to maintain, because they are still fresh and new, they just need to be cleaned daily, unlike repairs and fixing, which needs extra care, rather soap and water are the safest things to use to clean window replacements.

We think the keys to privacy and safety are windows. We need them, so we should take much care in how we handle them. We highly recommend ourselves for the job, Pickering Windows Pickering, ON. give us a call today.

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