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Windows Locks Repairs, Pickering, ON.

Dealing with cumbersome window locks? Need a window lock repair right now?

Contact us at Pickering windows and glass guy for your windows lock repair. We offer a free assessment for your windows locks. Call us today.

The present state of your window locks can affect your security and your convenience. Faulty window locks need instant repairs to prevent further losses and damages. Your window locks can be changed to meet modern standards of security and convenience.

The satisfaction and convenience of the citizens of Pickering Ontario is a priority. And we take pride in windows service efficiency and productivity. Call us today at Pickering windows and glass guy to get your window lock repaired. Call +(289) 275-7877 .

Windows locks need a degree of professionalism to prolong the life of your windows. Pickering windows and glass guys offer free windows assessment, low-cost windows lock repairs, and other professional services to suit your window needs. You can save yourself time and trouble by calling us today for a quick fix of your windows. Call +(289) 275-7877 .

About Us

Pickering Windows

Pickering windows and glass guy is a certified windows service in the city of Pickering, Ontario. We offer quality windows services such as windows rehauling, windows caulking and sealing, windows locks repairs, sales of windows glass and accessories, etc.

Here at Pickering windows and glass guy, your home’s security is our priority. We pride ourselves on the trust our successive clients have in our brand and windows services.

Our core values include Efficiency, professionalism, Honestly, and productivity. Our recommendations in windows services are ecologically efficient, budget-friendly, and meet a variety of customer tastes and styles.

We employ indigenes of Pickering Ontario, to ensure adequate familiarity and quality customer relations services. We are giving back to the people by ensuring they are part of modern windows services innovations at a low cost. At Pickering windows and glass guy love and quality is in the air, and we will ensure we satisfy you.

Why choose us at Pickering windows and glass guy for your windows locks repairs .

We are the foremost windows repair business in the city of Pickering, Ontario. We registered and have a good number of its citizens having a wealth of experiences to pull from to satisfy you.


Upon consultation, we offer a free windows service assessment.

Affordable Charges

Our windows locks repairs are low in cost, with minimal service charges depending on your situation.


We offer a warranty on all products sold and services rendered to ensure you are protected from indemnities that could result from the repairs.

Encouraging Services

We provide encouraging windows services that are worth the investment, for they are efficient and remain functional in the long run.

Customer's Service

Our customer services are appealing, our results and track records of delivering quality windows service speak for themselves when called for.

Call Us

We are just a phone call away from your everyday window needs. Call us today and we will save you the hassle of repairing your window locks at a low price.

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