Window Repairs in Pickering, ON.

You! Yes you, why haven’t you done anything about that broken window yet? Aren’t you tired of foggy windows, having to wipe your windscreen manually? Looking for a place in Pickering that does window repairs?

Well look no further, we have the solution for you, no more creaky windows, be gone chips and cracks. Let us introduce you to Pickering Windows, Pickering, ON. the fastest, most efficient, and reliable window service in all of Pickering.

About Us

Pickering Windows

You must be wondering what all the fuss is about, it’s just a window repair service, but here at Pickering Windows, we aren’t just any kind of Window service. We are a fast-rising window repair shop with branches all over Ontario, Canada. We offer services ranging from car window repairs to home, office, and school window repairs. We are dedicated to giving our customers the best services in terms of quality and quantity. We are diligent with our work, leaving no stone unturned and you with a perfectly refurbished and repaired window.

With our registered licenses and legal accreditation, you need no fear for your money or our legitimacy. We are well known for our accountability and transparency of the process, keeping you up to speed with every step and purchase that is taken to getting you your perfect window. Let us not leave out our professionalism, our handymen are trained experts who are determined to speedily and properly get the job done.

Want to know something else? we are very accessible, as we have branches in almost every city in Ontario, we can also be easily contacted, our call centers are open 24/7, and we are always available and ready for your call, so what are you waiting for? Call!

Our Services

Good Maintain

Here at Pickering Windows, Pickering, ON. we offer many kinds of repair and replacement services, we specialize as well in any other window issue, i.e. window frames repair and so on. Below is a list of what we offer.

1. Windows are prone to damage since they are usually made of brittle materials like glass, wood, etc, this makes them fragile and vulnerable to damages like cracks, chips, leaky frames, and so on. We repair and replace damaged windows, we majorly work on home and office, car repairs, we do window frame repairs and also foggy window repairs.

2. We provide quality workmanship, most days when people complain of faulty services. It's usually because the tools and products were not used, say goodbye to substandard window materials and tools, we are highly technologically equipped to handle all your issues and give you quality satisfaction.

3. We understand everybody wants to make a profit off of everything, and that is why we give our customers quotations, at the first appointment, we are here for solving any issue our customer has, and we are willing to size the cost.

4. We also offer emergency services, Windows are made of brittle materials, a broken window can prove a hazard zone and a dangerous place to people and properties. Our rapid response teams are available at any time of the day.

Why Choose Pickering Windows, Pickering, ON?

Our reputation precedes us, our excellent reviews are known worldwide, we would like you to see for yourself:

Budget Friendly

We work with your budget, if you're looking for repair services for the money, we are the best for you, unlike other repair services, which try to overcharge you for substandard services.

Quality Materials

We make use of quality materials and tools, in all our repairs.It saves both time and energy, your window will be fixed and no more extra cost for heating, it is also easier to maintain.


We are professionals, you don’t want first-time jitters both on the side of the customer and handyman, here we are trained and well equipped to provide services for our customers.

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